Dare to be Different

  ‘’If you keep doing what you always did, you will get what you always got’’ is a safe starting point for anyone who had to decide to either innovate or to keep going on a path that has already been established. But, new and disruptive developments of society are threatening the existence of a great number of institutions that operate based on that thought.   Take the banking industry for example; Ten years ago, no one would have thought there would be a viable and serious alternative in the making which could replace a whole banking system. Granted, we’re not there yet.   Just like in the wild west, there is a period in the developing new possibilities where it may seem like the old cowboys have the biggest say. But when the dust settles, there is a new way of thinking which is supported by new technologies and opportunities.   How fascinating is it, that the first tumultuous development weakens because (almost) everyone tries to find new rules, agreements, and frameworks in which the contemporary development should function. From one perspective it makes sense, but on the other hand, this slows down the developments of new applications enormously. People will stare blindly at the first so-called frameworks and rules instead of developing new applications at a quicker pace.   Take the advancements in cryptocurrency: the blockchain based currency that will eventually liberate us from blindly trusting ’reassuring’ reports from the banking world. We won’t be dependent on sketchy monetary policies and the worth of currencies will be in our hands.   An intriguing thought that has been worked out into viable currencies.   But then? What happens now? A bit of speculation on the value increase without there being big advancements of applications that make it possible to actually use those cryptocurrencies. With the absence of a framework, we create new, unfounded rules which decide if a currency is viable at all.   For instance: Why would we need 5000 people in a Telegram group to be taken seriously? We want to show that ten thousands of people own our Qryptonite and value it for what it is: a new, transparent way of receiving and spending, without external factors being able to fumble with the rules or the value.   Another one: Why is cryptocurrency only being traded on exchanges? How come so few parties have further plans with their currency, other than getting rich by speculating with it?   And the last: How come content that you pay for is deemed credible? If we pay someone to say good things about us, consumers will buy into it? And no one realizes that it’s paid for? Right… sounds an awful lot like old-fashioned television commercials.   In other words: now the dust is starting to settle a little, maybe it’s most important to stay different by thinking different. Only then can you really make a change. Some things will always stay the same. Even in a new era. Quality will always surface, and bullshitting into space will always turn against you.   In practice, it means that we think that Qryptonite should be a cryptocurrency with a raison d’être: QTN is an instrument in a bigger plan, in which we add value to loyalty, loyalty programs and QTN in itself. If this reason to exist is legitimately useful, QTN has everything to be a relevant and successful cryptocurrency.   We let everyone profit from the potential success of our cryptocurrency: Only with a lot of people (and not only in a Telegram group!) will QTN become and stay relevant.   Welcome to the new world!
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