Introducing: Marvin

What’s the point of having a good idea but not working it out thoroughly? We believe that attention to detail really pays off. After all, a product which hasn’t been developed all the way through is not a full product, right? Right.

Another thing we really hold dear is a human approach. We could be spending a lot of money, to make even more money. Quick hard cash. But that simply is not sustainable. We don’t strive to make people our product.

Our ideology goes further than that. We want to create something bigger than ‘’just’’ a currency. We want users to feel like they have more than just cash. We want you to feel like you’ve got an opportunity instead of a liability.

So, Qryptonite is going through some tumultuous times. We are striving to not only offer a cryptocurrency, but we also want to give more. It’s exciting to think of new ways to please and to contribute to this world, and this quick-paced industry. So, what do you do to keep on giving?

On one hand, we already were the first to collaborate with a major magazine. A lot of news agencies and papers wrote about that. But where do you go from there? In our process of making Qryptonite better each and every day, we listened. We listened to people who got their 100 QTN through the codes from Quest Magazine, but also to people who didn’t yet. We listened to praise, we listened to critique, and everything else in between.

As the first token of our understanding of your needs, we have created something. Qryptonite is working very hard behind the scenes to create more innovative aspects which make us stand out. One of those innovations is Marvin.

Marvin is our very own, very first QTN-bot. He was specifically created to make it easier for Qryptoniters to keep track of their QTN’s and earn more QTN. We spent a lot of time tweaking and perfecting our bot. We created it to show Qryptoniters that we are very concerned with user-friendliness.

The bot may be interesting (and very cool!) but it’s only the first step for Qryptonite in our quest!


Marvin is here to help and give QTN to Qryptoniters. On Telegram, you can set up your wallet address and get a personal referral link from Marvin. This link allows you to invite friends to become a member of our official Qryptonite Telegram group. As soon as your friend becomes a member of the group, both of you will get QTN!

To make it easier to communicate with Marvin, we made a quick-guide! You can read it down here.


How to use Marvin:

Step 1: Download and set up Telegram. You can download it here:


Step 2: Open a chat with Marvin in Telegram. You can do that through this link:
Through this link, you will be added to the official Qryptonite Telegram group!


Step 3: register your wallet address with Marvin. You can do this by sending /wallet <your_wallet_address> to Marvin in the Telegram chat. This is a very important step to make sure you will receive the QTN in your wallet!
Please don’t forget to delete the <, and > symbol when sending the message to Marvin. 


Step 4: Invite your friends to the Telegram group. You can do this by sending the command /link to Marvin. He will then respond with a personal link which you can use to invite your friends!


Step 5: Earn QTN! By sharing the link, you and the friend who clicks and joins the group will both get QTN!


It’s hard to make it easier than this! But, there’s always a chance that something is unclear. If you have any questions at all, please don’t shy away from asking us. You can reach us through Telegram, Facebook and Twitter!

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