Frequently Asked Questions


Qryptonite is a cryptocurrency based on Cryptonote code. It was created in close cooperation with Quest magazine. 

If you see an error like this: msvcp140.dll not found, there is actually something wrong with your windows installation: check this link to solve it.

Send an e-mail to 

The maximum amount of coins is 185.000.000

MAD stands for Massive AirDrop. Qryptonite coins will be widely distributed using our airdrop tool. 

During operation MAD, readers of quest will find a code in the magazine by which they can receive free coins…


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. During an ICO coins are sold to fund the development of the currency.

Qryptonite will use an ICO to fund the further development of the coin. An ICO is also a great method to distribute coins.

Unsold coins will be used to fund new (MAD) partners


Fill in this form and we will get in touch with you. Depending on the amount you want to contribute we might connect you to a ICO-pool

Pre-sale will start on 1st July 2018. Stay connected with us to get more updates!

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