ICO is postponed

Dear Qryptoniters, due to the overall negative sentiment in crypto at the moment, we have decided to postpone our ICO until the market will give us a better chance on having a succesful ICO. We hope you all stay with us until conditions improve! In the meanwhile we will keep looking for more partnerships, further develop Qryptonite and get us more into the spotlight. The airdrop will still be scheduled for this week! You can still secure a place in the pre-sale by registering below.

Adding value to loyalty

Looking at the success-rate of today’s customer loyalty program-offerings, there is a lot of room for significant improvement. The first and basically only question to be answered, is how you really reward a customer for his or her loyalty? We are on the verge of a revolutionary different approach of rewarding customer loyalty. Now is the time to reward customers for their loyalty in an open and transparent way. It is time for Qryptonite.


Quest September

Quest article | April 2018 | Qryptonite

Quest April


Quest June




Returning value

Qryptonite is a loyalty platform with returns QTN to the issuing party.

Mass adaption

Due the partnership with Quest magazine Qryptonite can reach the Dutch consumer who isn't familiar with cryptocurrency yet.

Experienced team

Qryptonite is build by professionals with experience in entrepreneurship, programming, banking systems, loyalty programs, printed media and ICO's.


Enjoy the benefits of lightning fast transactions.

New concept, big market

Qryptonite is changing the customer loyalty industry in a revolutionairy new way.

Newest technology

With an own blockchain based on Cryptonote technology, Qryptonite is secure reliable by nature.


Sebastiaan Rietkerk Qryptonite Team member

Sebastiaan Rietkerk

Founder / Chief Executive Officer
Creative Entrepreneur
Remco Vlierman Qryptonite Team member

Remco Vlierman

Founder / Chief Technology Officer
Software Architect, Blockchain Developer
Tom Eigenraam Qryptonite Team member

Tom Eigenraam

Founder / Chief Marketing Officer
Honours student University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam
Arta Sarkisjan Qryptonite team member

Artashes Sarkisjan

Public Relations Officer
ICO Researcher, Cryptocurrency Investor
Mischa Dasberg Qryptonite Team member

Mischa Dasberg

Software Engineer, Blockchain developer
Henri Kuiper Qryptonite team member

Henri Kuiper

Developer / Community manager
Blockchain developer C++ expert

Sanne Groot Koerkamp

Board of advisors

Hugo Masselink

Marketing guru
Creative strategist, Marketing specialist

Jeyantha Kathiravelu

Social media manager
Communication strategist



Most existing loyalty programs suffer from a lack of focus: originally meant to reward customers’ loyalty, they’ve become an under-achieving, costly, and not much appreciated way of bonding with customers, for whom it is getting more and more difficult to collect rewards.


ICO price per QTN is set on $0,067. The hardcap of $5.000.000 will start the selling of 40% of premined coins.


Based on the proven open source technology of Cryptonote, Qryptonite is aiming to improve existing code and give back to the cryptocurrency community.


Q4 2017
  • Build a team of professionals 
  • Devise the concept 
Q1 2018
  • First partnership realisation
  • Press release 
Q2 2018
  • Developing Wallet
  • Developing RPC Wallet for automatic transaction handling 
  • Developing Airdrop Tool 
  • Whitepaper version 1
  • Implementing Blockchain 
Q3 2018
  • Developing AirdropTool
  • Growing community
  • Massive AirDrop part 1
  • Developing Qryptonite payment systems
  • Whitepaper version 2
  • Businessplan
Q4 2018
  • ICO
  • Developing internet wallets
  • Start communicationplan with public
  • Massive Airdrop part 2
Q1 2019
  • ICO
  • 2 new partners
  • Developing mobile wallets
  • Implementing revenue model
  • Team (Sales, Tech, Marketing) extension
  • Community expansion
  • Blueprint QLP ready
Q2 2019
  • 2 new partners
  • Working demo QLP
Q3 2019
  • Delivery QLP phase 1
  • 2 new partners
  • First partner starts working with QLP
  • Developing gamified environment
Q4 2019
  • Testphase QLP succesfully completed
  • All customers are reached by social media
Q1 2020
  • Launch QLP
  • 3 new partners
  • Development Qryptonite debit cards

Download wallet

1. Unpack the file

2. Double click installer

3. Computer asks if the installer can make changes on the computer. Click ‘Yes’

4. Click ‘Next’ 

5. Click ‘Install’ 

6. When completed click ‘Close’

7. The wallet is succesfully installed!

  1. unpack the .zip file
  2. move the file to your applications folder
  3. start it


Qryptonite is a loyalty platform based in it’s own cryptocurrency.

If you see an error like this: msvcp140.dll not found, there is actually something wrong with your windows installation: check this link to solve it.

Send an e-mail to tom@qryptonite.io 

The maximum amount of coins is 185.000.000

MAD stands for Massive AirDrop. Qryptonite coins will be widely distributed using our airdrop tool. 

During operation MAD, readers of quest will find a code in the magazine by which they can receive free coins…


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. During an ICO coins are sold to fund the development of the currency.

Qryptonite will use an ICO to fund the further development of the coin. An ICO is also a great method to distribute coins.

Unsold coins will be used to fund new (MAD) partners


Fill in this form and we will get in touch with you. Depending on the amount you want to contribute we might connect you to a ICO-pool